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Committed to Enriching the Lives of Youth

Children’s ark foundation is a newly created NGO orphanage based in Bonaberi, Douala Cameroon my vision is to create a self sustaining safe and stable environment to care and nurture orphans, abandoned and displaced children who have almost no hope, until they are able  to live an independent and productive life for themselves.
I aim to achieve this vision by combining a refuge centre with an agricultural small holding which will not only provide an income to sustain the centre but also a valuable education and vocational training for the children.

Fon Joyce Nyuyfoni 


Get to Know Us

Children’s ark foundation is a newly formed NGO/orphanage founded by Founded by Fon Joyce Nyuyfoni with the support of Ms Ines borner in 2021. Motivated by the ongoing crisis in the North and South west region in Cameroon, the pair set out to help a few children with necessities like books, clothes and food. After contact with some children and family it was discovered that these children needed more, the needed shelter, education, parental care, love! As it had always been a dream to run a charity, these children were transported from the war zone to Douala. Initially 5 children but now 21 a year later. We need the help of wonderful people like you to be able to provide a normal childhood for these children and even more that desperately need our help. 


we want you more involved 


some of the kids after staying with us for three months and were excited to own and wear sports wears to school for the first time in their lives/ after a number of years without school. super excited

social life and adapting to society

Taking the kids to a play ground, swimming and other social activities where they can interact with other kids and create new friendships is one of our strategies to integrate the kids in society and remind them they are just as worthy as every other kid or person on the planet


please Join Our Fundraiser 

we are currently raising funds to be able to get a better accommodation for the children. The current home is not only small with no space for the children to run around freely and play but unfortunately it also floods during the rainy season. This flooding has caused the children to be sick repeatedly and it also reduces their quality of life since the children need to stay in bed for hours at a time while the adults try to take out the water. We sincerely believe that a better place to stay will have a positive impact on the children's health not only physically but psychologically as well. 


Bonaberi Douala cameroon

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